Las cartas robadas

Some lost in the seventeenth century jewelry, a secret box Rubens, murder and intrigue where nothing is what it seems.

Paris, 1623. A secret letters. Some jewelry missing. An encryption code. A Queen and court painter.

Camogli, Italy, 2010. Break Ann Carrington, Professor of History in the United States, are complicated when he learns of the death of Professor Scoppetta, whom he had summoned to show him some unpublished letters written by Maria de 'Medici, and reveal a secret.

Who is behind this murder? What interests are behind the research that was conducted Professor Scopetta? Ann Carrington Will continue with it and crack the code that Rubens used to communicate with Queen Maria de 'Medicis?

Lorenzo de 'Medici, a direct descendant of the legendary Italian family Medici captivates readers with a novel full of interesting historical details and appealing characters in which recounts one of the most unknown episodes of his illustrious predecessors. Continue reading


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