los medici nuestra historia

Los Médici, nuestra historia

The Medici family name evokes a glorious image of Renaissance Italy, especially Florence, with its valuable works of art, magnificent palaces and their fabulous wealth; but also refers to a darker world, but no less attractive, intrigue and corruption, ruthless struggle for power.

Today we are fascinated by the world of the Medici. On the internet are almost 300,000 references to the surname, which are not limited to the field of history: no cooking schools Medici Medici hotels, shops Medici Medici ... has become synonymous with excellence, beauty, good taste, luxury ...

Stem illustrious lineage, Lorenzo de 'Medici in this work provides her story, from its origins in the twelfth century to the present, building a portrait gallery of his most notable representatives and consider what it means to be heir to a past so bright.
We have sold over 50,000 copies of the book, plus the book was published in Catalan and Portuguese.

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