Spanish Lover

Florence, July 1576: Ascanio Ricciardi, a young and lazy gentleman receives Francisco I de 'Medici, Grand Duke of Tuscany, commissioned to ascertain the circumstances surrounding the sudden death of his sister, Princess Dianora de' Medici.

Ricciardi not take long to realize that this is a terrible murder and that the Grand Duke has set him up. To avoid complications and save his friendship with the beautiful Princess Isabella de 'Medici, Grand Duke sister, she resigns herself to say that the death of Princess was natural.

Far from being relieved of a burden, Ricciardi problems were just beginning. On the occasion of the visit of the Viceroy of Naples to Florence, Grand Duke organized a massive party. Throughout the night, Isabel is fascinated by the charms of a handsome Spanish musician, Antonio de Cordoba, and asks that organizes Ricciardi secret meetings with him.

Ricciardi, involuntary celestino, will be involved in an increasingly complicated plot. Influential members of the court compete among themselves for power, trying to make their friendship, to get through it, the almighty Princess Elizabeth. Continue reading


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