Lorenzo de 'Medici

Lorenzo de 'Medici is a direct descendant of the Medici family, one of the most important in history, whose patronage fostered the creation of the greatest works of the Renaissance, was born in Milan (Italy) and spent his childhood in Switzerland. He has lived in the United States and several European countries, currently residing in Portugal.,,es,284,,en

He speaks six languages. He is the author of several historical works, among which:
"The Medici, our history"

Lorenzo: has also written guidebooks:
"Florence and Tuscany "
"Golf Courses"

As a novelist, has cultivated the historical novel. He has published
"The plot of the Queen"
"The secret of Sofonisba"
"The Spanish Lover"
"The cards stolen"
"Lost Word"

Currently, he hosts a series of television documentaries about historical subjects in Germany. He also collaborates in press and radio.



Lorenzo de 'Medici, following the secular tradition of his family, presents his COLLECTION OF WINES OF THE WORLD, WORLD WINE COLLECTION an exclusive range of unique wines from different countries and regions, with the collaboration of the best wineries where the skill, tradition Family and excellent winemakers have provided perfect "coupages" a unique opportunity to see together: variety, quality and History. The collection highlights the essence of the Earth and the grandeur of "terroir" in which they arise.



Lorenzo de 'Medici in front of Villa Torrigiani

    Prince Fabio Colonna and his wife

      Don Lorenzo de 'Medici in front of Villa Torrigiani

        With Doña Luisa Villa Oliva Oliva-Buonvisi, Lucca

          With Leonardo and Cristiana, Marquis Frescobaldi

            Lorenzo de 'Medici in front of Palazzo Pitti, Florence

              With the Marquise Albiera Antinori Antinori Palace in Florence

                Lorenzo de 'Medici in the Ponte Vecchio, Florence

                  With the Marchesa Maria Frescobaldi on the balcony of his palace Albizzi

                    With Leonardo and Cristiana, Marquis Frescobaldi


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